On Going With The Flow

Movement is something we are, not something we do.

Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuum Movement

We’ve all been chided by the advice—go with the flow.  This means something different things for each of us, and is even different for each of us at different points in our own life.   And many of us have tried to do this.  We’ve worked on not taking personally the quirks of others no matter how painful, or peculiar. We’ve tried to be good to our bodies without going crazy with a need to be a certain weight.  We’ve worked on focusing on our love for our children when we find them as adults having made unusual choices in a mate, or a career. To care for ourselves we eaten well, being careful about what we put in our bodies.  We exercise, maybe even take yoga, or jog.  But what if there was a way to connect to our bodies in a different way, more on a cellular level, embracing a part of us we hadn’t particularly noticed or considered?  This is what the experience of being involved in the Continuum involves.

What is the Continuum?  Continuum is a study of the body as a fluid system with the understanding that all life forms have been shaped by the movement of water.  All life, including the human body, has been shaped by water. Continuum Movement is an exploration of the properties and movement of water as it shapes and forms life both within the body and in the larger world. Continuum provides an opportunity to expand your experience and understanding of the body as a resource for change: a pulsing, dynamic organism instead of a fixed entity. Through the practice of Continuum, many people experience profound restoration and renewal, and increased resonance with all other fluid systems.

This program works with breath and sounding practices to initiate personal movement explorations. You experience the vast reach of the body and how intimately engaged you are with all of life. Through Continuum, you can reclaim your birthright of fluid possibility.

For Robin Becker the facilitator of an upcoming Continuum retreat at Kripalu in Stockbridge, Ma on March 3-7, a trained teacher in this healing art form, Continuum has been a beautiful synthesis of all the things she cares deeply about: a love of movement, science, the natural world, and a contemplative inquiry into how our embodiment shapes our experience.? Continuum is the basis of the choreographic process of Robin Becker Dance, where she is the founder and artistic director, and all the dancers in the company engage in this practice.  However, it is important to know that it is not just for dancers! Continuum is a field of movement education appropriate for everyone of all mobility levels.  It is a very gentle, nourishing, and healing work. Get in touch with your body.  Robin’s work weaves together her extensive training in multiple forms of dance, bodywork, and meditation systems.

Want to be really good to yourself?

Go:  http://kripalu.org/presenter/V0007675/robin_becker

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