If It’s Not An Immaculate Conception, Then Why Is It News?

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Bristol Plain is in the news again for being pregnant and unmarried. But the real question is: why is this news? Was this an immaculate conception? If not, then we need to ask why this is concerned newsworthy . . . unless there is an underlying bias.\

Why Isn’t the Father in the News?

Somehow there are never headlines like this:

‘_______’ Does It Again, Impregnates Another Woman
Who Thought He Loved Her

Hmmmmm. Why not? Because as a society, we blame the woman. Pregnancy is somehow always the woman’s fault, and we have been so brainwashed over generations that we buy into this.
And You Wonder Why Your Toxic Girly Thoughts Blame You?

Yes, that constant, negative self-talk that I’ve name girly thoughts persist in beating you up, blaming you, even in situations where it literally takes two. So if you wonder why you always feel so responsible, maybe it’s because everywhere you look you are being told you have more responsibility than a man, even if it is about getting pregnant.

Pretty ridiculous when it’s said like this, isn’t it?

Read about how Bristol is doing . . .


. . . and then decide to stop doing to yourself what the news is doing to Bristol. Stop seeing whatever the “it” is in your life as somehow all your fault.

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