When Your Toxic, Inner Voice Announces You’re Dumb, Your Girly Thoughts Are Talking, and They’re WRONG

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Do you have this constant yammering in your head telling you that you can’t do something, that you’re so dumb you’ll screw this up? Does this toxic, inner voice tell you you’re just not smart enough?

I’ve named this energy-draining voice girly thoughts. Yes, it’s a miserable name for a terrible feeling we have been conditioned to inflict on ourselves. Why girly? Because we are still unconsciously laboring under the prejudice that for women to be attractive and desirable, they can’t be many things—including smart!

Your girly thoughts might sound smart . . .
Your girly thoughts may quote scientific evidence to support their claims of your stupidity. For example, your girly thoughts will even cite your IQ score as evidence of the lack of your ability.

IQ Scores Aren’t Absolute
Your girly thoughts don’t know that the only thing IQ scores really predict is how well you will do in school. Yes, that is what all the IQ hype amounts to, even if it is buried in the fine print. But there’s even some argument about this conclusion, because if you took the test after a sleepless night due to your parents’ arguing, or if you were just coming down from being high, or if you were terribly anxious because you feared this IQ test would somehow reveal your future, you probably had a depressed score.

Want to read more about what IQ scores really are? http://www.wsj.com/articles/smarter-every-year-mystery-of-the-rising-iqs-1432737750

Want to knock back those toxic girly thoughts? Quote this blog to that know-it-all girly thoughts voice in your head.

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